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Hi! I am Jaelene, a mother, a wife, and a doula! After my birth didn't go exactly the way I planned, I felt that I needed to do something to better the experience for other moms! I am a highly trained doula that serves the greater Denver Area in Colorado! I love living here with my beautiful daughter and hubby! I would love to be apart of your birth team, help you with nursing, or any other support you need as you learn this parenting thing! 


Beyond Birth Doula

From fertility through breastfeeding -

I am your Main Support!

Offering doula support in:

Fertility | Birth | Sibling | Postpartum | Adoption | Child Loss 

Breastfeeding Counseling & Weaning Support

Childbirth Education Classes for:

Moms | Dads | Adoptive Parents | Surrogates | Siblings

Breastmilk Jewelry, Placenta Encapsulation

My Services

My Services

Expectant Couple

Education Classes

With all of the information that is online, it can be very confusing to know what ones to follow, what ones to have a close look at, and what one's are purely crazy talk!

Education Course Curriculums Available:

New Parents

Childbirth Explained

Daddy Boot Camp

Adoptive Parents

Surrogate Families

Teen Moms

Becoming A Big Brother / Sister

And many more!

Individual classes will be taught in your home.

Group classes will be taught in a variety of locations.

Check out our Facebook Page for group classes!

Individual Classes Start at $50

Group Classes Start at $20

Birth Doula Service

Having a doula at your birth has a variety of benefits, including shortening your labor!

Along with a variety of physical and emotional support that mom receives during our partnership, you are also getting support for dad, siblings, and the whole family!


Pricing Starts At $1100

Ask me about discounts for military and first responders!

Birthing Centre Room
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Postpartum Doula Support

Want an uninterrupted nap, a long shower to wash your hair, some healthy cooked meals, and a clean kitchen? 

Interested in bellybinding?

A night with your partner, baby free?

I offer all of these and MORE! 

Packages Start at $50

Breastfeeding Support

Are you wanting to nurse your little one and finding yourself having issues or being in pain during the special time?

Are you going back to work and need to ensure that you are pumping correctly and building a stash for baby?

Are you wanting to finish your breastfeeding journey and need support weaning?

I would be happy to help you through it all!

Single Visits Start at $50

Package Visits Available 

With as little as two ounces of your milk, I can make you beautiful charms and jewelry items to forever remember the special bond you and your baby have made through breastfeeding. 

Pricing ranges from $40 to $100

I am also able to create Breastmilk Soap for you to use for your new baby! Because it naturally has more fat, it creates a wonderful way to wash your baby, and has natural vitamins and antimicrobial agents to keep baby healthy and their skin soft!

Pricing ranges from $30 to $50

Engagment Ring

I offer a variety of ways for you to forever remember the amazing life source that kept you and your baby healthy through their pregnancy. 

-Placenta Encapsulation 

Starting at $100 

Additional herbs can be added upon request

-Moon Prints 

Starting at $30

Complementary with Placenta Encapsulation 

-Umbilical Cord Jewel

Starting at $35

Complementary with Placenta Encapsulation 

Mother and baby in autumn

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See what everyone is saying about my services!

Jae is amazing! She came over right away to help me and my 4 week old and our breastfeeding relationship! I highly suggest her!

- Jessica S.

Jaelene was SO helpful with my breastfeeding issues and I have immediate results! She was great about sharing her knowledge and insight allowing me to better understand different things about my sweet baby. I highly recommend her!

- Genevra P.




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